In 2013, Nokia made a loss of $-973 000 000, In 2014, they’re making a profit of $115 000 000.

This is really stunning: Nokia makes this year a BILLION dollars more than it did last yeaR! Its stunning that nerly a billion dollars loss per year can be turned back.

Well… to be fair, Nokia is now making Android phones, sooo it isnt Apple vs Androi vs Nokia, its acsually is Apple vs Android AND Nokia.

Android is allready the number one phone, after Android took that place from Apple earlier this year. But this might all turn out bad for Android: You might have noticed that NONE of the new Android phones get any kind of commersial back-up. Its like this: You go into a store, and you see the Android phone, and youre like: “Meh”. This is because new Android phones are released so often, and thats because there is so many Android phone makers. And thats because, if one Android maker closes down its business, then theres allways another one.

Anyway: The iphone instead, release of the iphone 6 was a BIG celebratio, because the iphones arent released so often. Iphone 6 sold 10 million units in the first 24 hours. Thats alot. Android need to learn that you cant just push out a new phone every month (dont take that literally, thats just a metaphor).