The current gaming platforms are: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC, phones, PSP, PS Vita and Nintendo DS.

Well… I think that we all think that the DS is awesome, but the phones are still better. And PSPs and PS Vitas suck ass. PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be produced after…. 2016 if I remember right. So that leaves only PS4, Xone and the PC. Well… you can blug an Xbox controller to the PC and the Xone is a PC-Console mutant… so the PC wins. So that brings out the question: PS4 or the PC? Well… PS4 has a touchpad, but so have laptops.  So I think that the PCs are better… but AT THE MOMENT, consoles are better.

Anyway: Have you noticed that the 360 and PS3 have both sold over 80 million consoles? That took Xbox 10 years and PS3 9 years. But the Xone and Wii U only have sold less than 10 million consoles in the last two years… well Wii U had two years advantage but still. But maybe the console market wont go downhill at all. Maybe Sony, with its over 10 million copies in a year console AKA da PS4, will save it. Maybe Microsoft and Sony will both take the best parts of their consoles and emerge them into one. But Sony cant save AN ENTIRE MARKET by itself! So the entire thing is going downhill.