I have been in high school since… I belive 8.8.2016. It has been alot different from primary school. First of all, the exam week ended today and I get the Friday off. WHOOP WHOOP! Theres alot of homework but… it’s not enough to complain about.

Im primary school, tests were all over the place. English here, history here, Finnish here, sure it was okay for me, but now that I think back, high school has a way better system: One exam from every subject once a month. Its easy, plus: When you have a exam week, the week when all the exams are, you go in, you do the test, you go to a prep-up class that talks about the next days test, you get out. Thats it. No homework for a week! Thats great! Plus I get this Friday off, WHOOP WHOOP! In primary school you have the normal school day but they jam the exam into the day, so you will spend the recesses reading for the exam, but high school you don’t. Its tough, sometimes math is a pain in the balls, biology makes you sleeepy, Swedish makes you want to claw your face off, English makes you sleepy, because its too easy. Its easy and hard. But it gets harder as we go on so I have to study more plus I want to spend more time with my friends so I have less time to do videos.

New videos are coming. I have written a LeafyIsHere inpired parody, a comedy video on how to get followers on Twitter and a few reviews. I don’t know if anything will come out of those but we have to see if those work out in the way I intend them to. Until next time, have a good night and see you next time. 🙂