“Star Wars: Empire At War: Forces of Corruption” Wow, thats a long title for the expansion pack. Anyway: This is one of the best stradegy games I own. Right up there with Total War: Rome 2 and Age of Empires 3. Why? Because:

1. I am a big Star Wars fan. I have seen all of the Star Wars movies atleast 3 times.

2. It has everything you need and want from a scifi stradegy game: It has space action, land action, different troops that are good for different situations. It actually tells you what the units do. Like in Total War: Rome 2 the game tells you “Yeah, this is a spear unit. Guess what it’s good for.” Obviously it’s good against horses, thats obvious but what about the other units? I don’t know what is the best counter for an elephant from 2 000 years ago. But this game, it tells you EXACLY what it’s good for. Like saying: “Here, dumbass, look, bomber is good against slow moving targets like this this and this. Also, these things counter it.” It tells you 3 units that it’s good against and 3 units it’s not good against.

3. A great storyline. Sure, it feels rushed at times and forced but the quality voice acting combined with the “I am the most powerful person in the galaxy. Now hold and drag this unit here.”, makes it a great experience. It is a both a tutorial and a great story at the same time. Feels like Sly 2 on PS2. Oh the good DLC-free no-microtransactions times…

4. It screams Star Wars. It has rancors, Darh Vader, fitting music, Admiral Ackbar and the Death Star. It has everything you wished from a Star Wars game. (you can also blow up planets with the Death Star! CAN YOU BELIVE IT!?)

5. Okay a few complaints now: The Death Star is the second Death Star, I understand that it looks good, but why isn’t it finished? It looks just like the one from Return of the Jedi. But in RoTJ it was not finished. Now I am attacking with an unfinished Death Star and throwing it around the entire galaxy? Come on man, build it first. Also, there is a bug when you destroy a planet that has Han Solo and Chewbacca, the game crashes. The makers, Petroglyph Games still exists so why haven’t they fixed this HUGE bug? Come on, the last update was in 2009. Come on. Fix your game before saying good bye.

But overall it is a satisfying experience to any Star Wars fan. If you don’t like Star Wars, you can skip this one. There is nothing much to offer to people who don’t like Star Wars or scifi.