Total War: Rome 2 is one of my favorite stradegy games of all time. The Total War series is a different take on the stradegy game gendre. It isn’t about just winning battles, it’s also about taking care of your economy and making allies. It is not too political but also satisfies all those questions like: “Where does that guy get all that money to make all of those elephants? I have killed like 5 000 of them already!”. Not that I ever wanted an answer for that but I guess it is cool that we now have an answer. Look, I haven’t played any previous Total Wars, so heres my list of things why I like this game:

1. Rome. Come on, it’s Rome. It means swords and hand-to-hand combat. Javelins and walls. The Antique world facinates me.

2. Emperor Edition. Think about this for a moment: You get the base game plus a free campaign from Creative Assembly, which is basicly them saying: “We know that the launch was horrible. Here,”

3. Great politics. Not too hard to follow politics like the taxation of trade routes or any other formal Jedi business. You can raise taxes, lower taxes, murder political opponents and… thats about it. You aren’t rising to power through politics, you are already at the top.

4. Great combat. Hard to explain. It’s… it’s… combat. How would I explain that? Press this, you can do this, do that etc.

5. UI. PT34 may disagree, but I really like the UI. Everything is nicely placed into the bottom of the screen. Taxes, objectives, diplomacy etc. It is all nicely put together. I can’t think of any way to improve it… expect for the occational bug. And shortcut keys to ease the butthurt for PT34. 😛

Overall I really like this game. It is a solid 9/10, not considering it’s launch. I wasn’t around back then so I can’t really say anything about it. Let’s not say anything bad aboud the launch, it was 3 years ago. Move on in your life, damnit! 😀