I don’t like playing this game. It isn’t for me. MOBAs aren’t for me but I can see why people like it. Heres a list of reasons why I like and dislike this game.

1. League of Leagues… wait what? League of Legends? Well, let sme explain: To say that whether this game is good or not, you have to know what it is up against. I think we can all agree that the main competitor to Dota 2 is League of Legends. Is Dota 2 better? Well Leagye of Legends has rorating characters, which really pisses me off: I just learned how to play with a character and then the game throws it out the window and gives you new characters. Why not give all at once? LoL plz. But one really big plus for LoL is that there are more maps than Dota 2s 1. Sure, it is a good map but I prefer more maps. Is LoL better than Dota 2? I wouldn’t say so. So thats competition out of the way. NEXT POINT!

2. Learning curve. I hate the learning curve to Dota 2. I have played 175 plus hours of Dota 2 and I haven’t even played with all the characters yet. Why? Because the learning curve is too long and I can’t play with certain situational characters, since the most popular ones are used all the time and I HAVE TO use the ones that counter those. That is how the game is meant to be played. Play as the character that counters the enemy, the enemy takes a character that counters you, your teammate takes one that counters it and so on.

3. Community. Too strict. I mess up once and I get reported or they rage on the chat. Look, like 80% of the community is okay quiet people. But you can’t play competetive or the people are competive. Shocking, right?

5. Graphics. They are… they are cartoonish so they don’t become outdated. Like Team Fortress 2. They both don’t look old because they are made in a way that makes them beat the test of time.

6. New characters. Usually updates contain bug fixes and graphical improvements but Valve gives us new characters? YES! Sure, my friend abused one of the new characters when it came out, since it was a supportet tank hydrid that was too overpowered. Luckily it was fixed but I have to complain just to fill this part of this review. Shut up, you know how hard it is to make a long list of things you don’t like about a game that you have nothing against but you need to complain because you feel like it needs more comlaints?

Now, is Dota 2 the Satan? No. Is it the second coming of Jesus himself? No. Is it good? Yes. Is it perfect? No.

Dota 2 has its share of problems but it isn’t nearly as broken as some other games *cough cough* Total War: Rome 2 lauch *cough cough*. Here is a small list of improvements I think this game needs:
1. More maps. Why isn’t there more maps? It can’t be that hard to make new maps. Right? Just look at LoL.
2. Do something about the learning curve. Do… something.

I can say that this game is a solid game. It is atleast better than a 6/10 but not perfect. I can’t decide if I should give this a 7 or a 8/10. I think 7 is a little too low, since I can’t really think of alot to complain about but 8 is a little too high. Lets call this game a solid 7.5/10, shall we?