Cry of Fear is an excellent single player and Co-Op experience. Heres a list of reasons why I like this game

1. Single Player. The single player is a thrilling and scary adventure, which dosen’t really have alot of replayability but one playthrough is enough anyway. It gets a little weird towards the end with [SPOILERS] multiple endings and stuff but it is pretty good. The gameplay is great, story is nice and graphics make you feel like it was 2004 again. 😀

2. Co-Op. Co-Op? CO-OP! It is fantastic! Sure there dosen’t seem to be connectivity or a real plot and if there is, I haven’t seen it. It is basicly 2 random cops from Sweden whacking zombies. Vi har många bätrre polisen i Finland än i Sverige! Suomi Perkele! Patrionism aside though, the Co-Op is as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than the single player… one huge downside though: Too hard. I suck, my friend sucks, game too hard. Can’t get through the missions.

3. It is free.

Not much else to say about this game. It is what it is. I was from a mod, now it is a game. Good single player, Co-Op and it is free. What else can you ask for?