TF2 is one of the best games of all time and stands before you today, because it ages slowly, like Morgan Freeman. You get to the point in life when you can’t look any older anymore, you know? Anyway: Here is a list of reasons why this game is awesome and why it hold up today:

1. The dialogue. Lets start off with a simple but still important aspect, which makes games and movies not look as old. There isn’t hardly any old dialogue or old sayings like “Thats pretty wizard”. There isn’t alot of slang and if there is, Valve will update this game and remove it.

2. The characters are amazing. There is the stupid but yet loveable giant Heavy, the know-it-all dickhead Scout, the stereotypical american Soldier and the list goes on. You are bound to love atleast one of them.

3. A mostly balaced game. You got slow moving damage dealer Heavy, the quick moving shoot ‘n’ run Scout and the classic Sniper, to name a few. The game is pretty balanced I have to say. Too many heavys and you will lose, too many snipers, you will lose, too many pyros and… you will make the enemy team shout “PYRO IS FAIR AND BALANCED!” in a sarcastic way.

4. 9 distinctive classes. 3 attack classes, 3 defense classes and 3 support classes. These have changed alot in the years. Like I wouldn’t say that the Heavy is a defensive class or that the Spy is a support class but hey, this game was made 9 years ago. It was back then. Give it a break.

5. It is free.

6. The maps. The maps are great. Sure, not every map is perfect, but since there are some many maps and you can choose not to play on them if you don’t like them, you will find atleast one map to play on for 100 hours.

7. Customization. You can buy hats and… wait you can buy other things than hats?

8. Guns. A murdering phychopaths best friend. You get new weapons every week from just playing. Sure, some of them are better than others *cough cough* Tomislav *cough cough* but they are mostly okay. Some weapons like the Rescue Ranger can change an entire class like the Engineer from a support unit into an even better support unit.

9. The community. It is just so great. Do you still remember back in the late 2000s and early 2010s when Youtube was flooded with Left 4 Dead and TF2 SFM videos? I mean they are still made but they are drowned into a pile of lets play and tutorial videos. Plus people are getting tired of doing them. The golden era of SFM is over. But back to TF2: The community isn’t as bad as you might think. Sure, if you speak to the voice chat, there is like a 40% chance of you getting kicked, but other than that, it is great! Sure it is flooded with alot of Free 2 Plays, but they don’t bother me that much. Not counting noobs, who don’t know how to play, nobody annoys me! The community isn’t a kick to the balls, it is quite nice playing with them. They cover you and you cover them.

10. Mann vs Machine. It is basicly a Co-Op mode in which you fight endless waves of robots. So it’s basicly like L4Ds Survival mode. You get money by killing robots and you can buy upgrades to your guns. It is a ton of fun. I highly request you check it out.

There. 10 reasons why TF2 is a game that survives the test of time and why people still play it today. I hope you agree, if not with all, then atleast with most of the things I said.