I just got back from watching Rogue One. I’m sorry, what I meant so say was  “Rogue One: A Star Wars story”, but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

When I went to the theater, I thought that it was going to suck. I mean, come on! I had no Star  Wars characters in it . I had no idea who the actors were, I don’t know who the producers, writers or direct:or was. But… I was wrong… mostly. Lets split this movei into 3 parts, the beginning, the middle and the end.

The beginning: It all starts off with… oh yeah, I forgot to say SPOILERS!. It all starts off with the story we have already seen in Episode 7. This movies beginning is a rippoff of Episode 7… which is a rippoff of Episode 4 so in a weird way, Rogue One ripps off A New Hope. It begins with a girl, a mom and a dad. The dad says: “GO!” and gets captured. The mom dies and the girl runs off. In The Force Awakens, Po witnesses his friendses death and tries to kill Kylo Ren. In Roque One, the protagonist is not stupid and runs away. Then she gets help from… some… somebody. I honestly can’t remember who it was. Let me google it…  Saw Gerrera. Oh yeah, Saw. Well Saw had a GREAT look. He was fantastic. What happens to him? He kills himself for NO. REASON. Sure, maybe he couldn’t have ran, I mean he was old and had that thing in the thing… ventilator? Sure, but we did not get any context. Who was he? Just some random nobody. He just says the old: “Run. I can’t run. The director told me so”. He was such a unique and great character and he is just killed off. BOO! Then the entire place blows up. Now that scene was fantastic. It felt like the movei 2012, expect you know, it is Star Wars.

The Middle: Once the get out of there we get senator Jebel. Yay, a A New Hope cameo! I am not going to spell out the movie for you like Nostalgia Critic, he can do it on his own, so don’t wonder if I jump from one place to another. Then we need to go get the father. They go in, he dies, an emotional scene happens, they run away. That scene was great. It felt like James Bond. Just me? Did that not feel atleast a little like James Bond? No? Okay then.

The End: Lets skip right to the end. It had to be one of the BEST endings to any Star Wars movie ever. They go in, a massive battle takes place above, on the ground, emotional contact, EVERYTHING WE NEED TO SEE HAPPENS! They die while holding hands, thats cute. Thats… thats beatiiful. They get the plans to the Death Star, which ties greatly into A New Hope. Now comes, in my taste, the best scene in the entire movie. The rebels are taking in the plans. The door is stuck. We hear the  breathing. We see Darth Vader coming from the shadows. He lights up his lightsaber… all hope is lost. RUN! That entire scene is so intense, scary, nostalgic, great. We have never seen Darth Vader go and slaughter people! Even in Episode 3 when Anakin slaughers children, we don’t see it. Now we do see it… not slaughering kids  I mean the… you understand what I mean. Great ending. Loved it.

But a few things annoy me: Why is there no opening crawl? Okay, okay. This is not a Star Wars Star Wars movie. This is a spinoff. Okay, I can accept that but why does the title Rogue One come like 5 minutes into the movie? We got it, thanks. One thing I have to say. I have to give credit to them . They actually did it. They gotPeter Cushing from A New Hope and REUSED HIM! THATS INSANE! How did you do it!? WONDERFUL! Correct me if I’m wrong but those are his exact lines from A New Hope, right? And those movements too. Great. Loved it but I noticed that it looked like CGI. I can tell that it looks… a little off. Come on guys. You have a budget of 200 million dollars and you give us something that looks like the Mummy 2 Scorpion King? Come on now. One other thing: LEIA! The dramatic reveal is… dissapointing. It looks fine, then we see her face and I can tell by the eyebrows that its CGI. Come on. Snoke looked from Episode 7, which came a year before this one. How does Leia look so awful?

So was it a bad movie? No. I expected it to be a horrible pile of garbage but it was good. I mean the start with the whole “You killed my father!” story could have been made better, but the rest of the film is just so great. I can’t hate it. I didn’t get everybodys name. The names were afwul. Too hard to remember. Awesome side characters, who died too quickly but the ending is just so great I can’t say that it was bad all the way. Like the prequels: Episode 1? Bad. Episode 2? Not  too bad, not too good. Episode 3? Great. Loved it. I can say the same thing on Rogue One as I can about the Star Wars prequels: Bumby start but it is worth it when you see the ending. You could have done the beginning better and there are things here and there but it is just so great. Plus both the prequels and Rogue One tie in to A New Hope. 😀

It is a solid 8/10. Could have been a 10/10, but the  start is just so bad, but come on. Death Star. Darth Vader. No Jar Jar. K2 was really funny. I can’t dislike it. I will buy it on DVD when it comes out and I will rewatch it. It will make you laugh, it will make you sad, it will make you fell nostalgic and it will be a better experience than Episode 7. Episode 7 wastes Han Solo and other characters. Here we don’t have any old characers, expect Vader and alot of small sidecharacters and cameos. Go watch it, Buy it on DVD. Watch Episode 8 next year. Merry christmas to all of you, happy holidays and in advance: Happy New Year!