Don’t you just hate those kids who just yell and throw stuff? They are so annoying. Look, I am not a parent. Notice I said “those kids”, not all kids, “those kids”. I don’t have kids of my own. But I know one thing: You either raise your children correctly or incorrecly.

Look, there is no right way to grow your children. That is a fact. Maybe you raise a quiet kid, who sits at the back of the class. That is not bad. Maybe you raise a kid who speaks all the time and makes new friends very easily. That is not bad. You can apply this to virtually anything. Video games? Overwatch, Mario, Pong. All good games, even if they were all made differently, by different people.

Sometimes when I think what a perfect movie would be like, I always think: “I don’t know what a perfect movie is”. I know what a bad movie is, I know what  a good movie is but there is no criteria for a perfect movie. It could be a comedy, it could be a space drama or a sci-fi romance. Much like with children, there is no ultimate right way.

But there is, however, a general way to everything. We know that in general we want our movies to have atleast a great plot and likeable characters but we can’t say exacly what such plot or characters would be like. Same applies to kids: There is no perfect way to raise a child. You know how the elderly raise their children and then urge their children to raise their chilren the same way? Well, we can’t do that. Why? Because everything has changed. The parents are different, the kid is different, the growing environment is different. Yes, we can apply the general way your parents raised you, but not the exacly same way.

Raising kids is like making money: You can always do better, but you can’t go below rock bottom. Rock bottom includes drug addicts, murderers, rapists, you know? The scum of the Earth. But the kind of kids I want to talk about are the kind who have no boundaries. You know? Those kids who always get what they want. Those kids who can do whatever they want to do. Those kids who… when they DON’T beat up another kid, get cake. Their bar is set so low for them, you don’t expect nothing from them. They scream, they kick, they act like… children…. huh. Well okay, small kids have the right to do those things. 2, 3 maybe even 6 year olds. But I mean those 10, 12, even 14 year olds who rage when mom brings home the wrong kind of cereal. I am not saying that you should hit your children, it is illegal for a reason you know, but have some discipline. Take away their toys, do something. I don’t know, something. Look, as I said, there is no right way to grow your children, but there is a general direction.

If your kid dosen’t know how to behave, something is wrong. It could be that the parents suck at parenting OR maybe it is something external? Bad influence friends? Drugs? Violent video games (debateable)? If you’re trying your best as a parent, study your kids’ friends, school, the environment as a whole. Because kids aren’t born as murderers. They got their genes from YOU, you the parents. So if you are a weekly church goer who wouldn’t hurt a fly, maybe it is not you? Maybe it is you? Maybe it is the other parent? Drugs? Frankly: I don’t care. The kid is not mine. I am not here to tell you who is to blame. I know that there is some problem and I know that you make all the difference, when it comes to your child. The younger the child is, the easier it is for you to chance him/her. Think about yourself as a blacksmith and your kid as a hot iron blade. The longer you wait, the harder it is for you to chance the iron.

Wow, I just realised that I just wrote that all. I talk from the heart and I hope I didn’t offend anybody or make them feel like bad parents. I hope I got your attention and I hope you got my point. Good night.