I just watched the Angry Birds movie. It was… okay. I mean I liked the characters, I liked the animation and I liked the comedy but… it was too short and too long at the same time. Let me explain:

The plot was fine and all and the jokes are there but at the end, I didn’t really feel that connected to the characters, other than Red, Chuck and Bomb. I didn’t feel connected to Helene or Terence. I liked them but I didn’t feel for them. The movie is short on characters to feel for. I even don’t care about the villain. I don’t feel like: “Argh, I hope you die you =/%()#!”.

The plot was what you would expect. Protagonist is rejected by society, does something to piss people off and gets sent to anger management class… thats almost too similar to Adam Sandlers Anger Management. “Angry Birds rips off Adam Sandler!”, maybe. Maybe. Maybe not. After that the pigs come in, the protagonist tries to warn that something is wrong, he stumpes upon something fishy, tries to warn the others but they won’t listen to him. The villain [INSERT PLOT POINT HERE]. They go after the villain, they fight and the good guys win.  A basic movie formula.

But what I don’t understand is why is there a relationship between Terence and Helene? Like, I get the joke at the middle of the movie with the paintings but I don’t understand why are they getting together. Why did Chuck care so much for the scarecrow he made? Why is one of the funniest people in the movie A FUCKING TERRORIST!? Think about what that sounds like: “I liked the Angry Birds movie. I really liked the terrorist. He was so funny.”.

To me, it seems like the movie was chopped in the middle. Like a surgeon who removes a black guys leg and replaces it with a white guys leg… why did I make that metaphor? It starts off with a promising enough start. We get to see all the characters we want to see and then some. Other than the protagonists we see Stella and… um… well… yeah. I haven’t played every Angry Birds game and I don’t think there was anybody significant at the start of the movie. At the end we get that boomerang guy from Angry Birds Rio but thats about it. Not that theres alot to look forward to. Then at the middle of the movie, it turns into an action movie. Why? Because climax. It would be okay but the movie is 97 minutes long. There is so much room for more comedy, maybe throw in a few great anger management classes with Jack Ni-er… Helena.

I thought that it was going to be Red and Stella saving the world and falling in love and sirens and huge crawl with “THE END” strapped to it. No, it turned out to be a bro movie. A typical bro movie. You got the gang, you got the objective, you got everybodys own personal problems and you got the ending where everybody is tested with their problems.

The animation is great, the cast choices are great, the colours and the score are and the comedy is great but the plot just suffers on a few places. Like the Mighty Eagle. He is a jackass. He dosen’t turn into a good guy at the end, he just stays as a jackass. The whole hero-thought-to-be-dead-but-he-turns-out-to-be-alive thing at the end was so predictable. Who are the idiots who thought tha Red was going to die? This is a kids movie. Why would the protagonist die? I just went through the entire scene with boredom because everybody knows that he was going to be okay. Another thing is that Red and Mudbeard are in a room FULL OF TNT. It exploed and Mudbeard is okay? How? Why? Because sequel.

I didn’t know what to expect with this movie. Was it going to suck or was it going to be an average kids movie. It was… okay. It was an okay movie. There are so many things that the movie gets right: Characters (mostly), the animation and the comedy all hit their mark but they are put into a script that dosen’t make you sit at the edge of your seat or making you cheer for them. It is a dissapointment. Not a big dissapointment but a dissapointment none the less. But I will give this movie a pass. It did its job: It entertained me for 97 minutes. Could it have been longer? Totally. But for what it is, it was good. It earned 349.8 million dollars and I can understand why. It entertains the kids and the adults alike. But it had so much potential and some of it was put into good use but some was thrown away. I am happy to give Angry Birds three and a half stars. It was good.

If a movie, which nobody thought was going to be good, can be both entertaining to kids and adults alike, you know it has done a good job.