Empire State Building The Empire State Building is one of if not the most rememberable building in New York City. This building can be seen in hundreds of movies and TV shows.

It used to be the tallest building in the world but much taller buildings have come and went after the construction of the Empire State Building.

I have seen it in many movies, such as in Sam Raimis Spiderman trilogy (2002-2007) or that horrible Smurfs movie. Sony, why do you make movies when we all know that you can’t make them? The Empire State Building can also be seen in the long-running TV show How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM). Great show. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

This building truly is the landmark of New York City. The building towers over the other skyscrapers in the area and it isn’t just a huge rectangle. It is the beautiful landmark the city deserves.


A small English essay that I need to turn in a few days. The rules were that I needed to write about 150 words (I wrote 158) about the Empire State Building and movies/TV shows I have seen it in. Any thoughts on how I did?

Did I do well? An okay 158 word essay, right?