Why couldn’t it just be called Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? It was a way better title. Anyway: Pirates of the Caribbean has been going down since the first ones. Yes, “ones” not “one”. I happen to like the Dead Man’s Chest and some aspects of the third one. But the fourth one? It was… nothing special.

Salazar’s Revenge was a decent movie. We get to see great performances by everyone. No bad acting was this movie… okay young Johnny Depp was a little annoying. We get to see great fight scenes. One scene which I really liked was the last one which was inspired by Moses. Was that a spoiler?

Curse of the Black Pearl was used as “inspiration for the script and tone of the film” which I can see: It starts off serious and then it becomes a comedy. Then it gets to the adventure and roll credits. The beginning of this movie was just so dumb yet so darn good! I LOVED IT! How do you come up with this stuff?
Random kids just start popping up from everywhere. YOU HAVE A SON! YOU HAVE DAUGHTER! EVERYBODY GETS CHILDREN! Why? Wha- Why? I don’t…. why? It is just so random that Barbarossa just gets a daughter and Will Turner gets a son. They just popped up randomly. I disliked that. The son of Will Turner was forgetable. He didn’t really mean anything to the story. He did his thing at the start of the movie but after that he had no purpose. The daughter however was fantastic. I loved her character! What was her name again? Something about the stars… Car… Carelina?… CARINA! Carina was her name. I liked her. I liked her more than Elizabeth in this movie. Yes, Elizabeth comes back because… plot. Will Turner also comes back because… plot. Good thing that they don’t really do anything in the movie. I forgot already what Elizabeth did between Jack throwing her off the roof and her reuniting with Will at the end.

Barbarossa’s sacrifice at the end was a little off since his connection to his daughter was non-existant. It would have worked if Barbarossa would have spent more time on screen worrying with his daughter.

Why does Jack start demanding compensation stuff? Becaaaaaaaauce PLOT! Ugh.
Why is Jack getting married again? Why do we have this scene here? I mean it is funny but still.
Why is this movie so in love with sex jokes? I mean they were good jokes but we have not seen them before. Not really a comlaint. Just thinking…

Many plot threads not answered. Other than those things, the plot was good. I liked the main villain, Salazar. I liked many things in this movie and I belive that the good things outweigh the bad things. The action was great. The acting was great. The plot was okay overall and the new direction that this movie is taking works sometimes.

Why do we suddenly have witches? Why can we nitpick this movie apart? We shouldn’t be able to do that.

I liked this movie. Way better than On Stranger Tides and better than At World’s End. Was it better than the first one? Nope. Was it better than the second one? That’s up for debate. I can’t say. I will give this movie a 6/10. So much wasted potential. The many unnecessary plots going on at once, an unnecessary sacsrifice from Barbarossa and jokes with bad timing bring this movie down. A suprisingly good performance from Kaya Scodelario (Barbarossa’s daughter), the great humour and great action scenes are the reasons why this movie is not that bad. 6/10 is not bad. It is okay.