Transformers: The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Michael Bay. My first Michael Bay movie was The Island, which was awesome by the way, but other than that, I have never been such a huge Michael Bay fan. I want good plots and interesting characters from my movies, not just action. Transformers is very popular. Most Transformers films make a billion dollars each so they can’t be that bad. Right?

I have never liked Megan Foxes acting. I just haven’t.  And this movie didn’t change it. I just feel like that she was brought here for sex appeal for the 12-year olds. Michael Bay himself said this: “”I make movies for teenage boys. Oh, dear, what a crime.” so I think that my theory is pretty solid. Sexy women in your movie for the sake of having sexy women in your movie is bullshit.

Sam Witwicky and his family were very… normal. That is the only word I can use to describe them. They are a normal family with a normal house with normal issues. They are not that interesting. The main lead of the movie is not that interesting. i feel like I have seen the father somewhere before. I just can’t point out where. They are not necessarily bad actors but they are not that good either.

Seymour Simmons is an interesting character in the second movie, but here he is just an agent. Just a normal everyday secret agent working for the United States government.

Now this is an interesting point brought up by CinemaSins: If the autobots learned English through the World Wide Web then how did Megatron learn English? The guy was frozen for thousands of years. PLOT HOLE!

Now another thing brougth up by CinemaSins was this: Optimus Prime is a truck because that was the first car he saw? Now I had never seen Transformers before but I knew that Optimus Prime was a truck. This is a thing I hate about Michael Bay movies: Why are these things the way they are? “Because… plot?”.

Now let’s get to the autobots: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are good characters which are written well. Now could they have been better? Absolutely. They were not as interesting as giant talking robots could be but for what they were, they were good enough. I liked them. I liked their voice actors. I liked their humour. I liked their roles in the movie.

Megatron! The ultimate villain is.. bad. Just an average everyday overused cliche bad guy who wants to rule the world because his homeworld was destroyed. Now I don’t watch superhero movies but isn’t this used by many supervillains? I have nothing against cliches but I do have alot against cliches done badly. This is one of them.

The action was… good. Sometimes I couldn’t tell who was who because the camera was moving so fast and it just looked like two metal pieces humping each other but it was good. I watched a Michael Bay movie and it had good action. Are you surprised?

Overall I liked it. It gave me enough “bang on the buck”. Isn’t that what the kids said like a hundred years ago? The action and the autobots help the movie stand out of the crowded action movie genre and they also helped this movie franchise to become of a box office hit year after year. But sadly, the lack of character deveIopment aside from the “Horny teenage needs to bang” brings the movie down. I give it a 6/10.