I saw this movie without even knowing who Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg or Nick Frost were but now I am in LOVE with these guys! This movie was amazing!

When I decided to watch this movie, I thought that it was going to be just a normal buddy cop movie but it wasn’t!… sure it was a buddy cop movie but it was also alot more. Simon Pegg (as Nick Angel and Nick Frost (as Danny Butterman) shine as the cop duo and Edgar Writh and Simon Pegg do a wonderful job of writing them. The chemistry is there, the references (to other movies) are there and the jokes are there. They are fun, they are interesting and they are lots of fun to watch.

Spolers. I could see from a mile away that Skinner was not the murderer. Every cop movies does this: They think that it’s this guy, then the cop convinces the other cops, who are sceptical, to storm the alleged murderer’s house and then the cop tells the murderer why he is the murderer, the murderer debunks the story and everybody goes home thinking of how stupid the cop is. I never understood that: The cop says that “Hey! This guy is a murderer! Let’s get him!” and only at the murderer’s house he tells the other cops why the guy is a murderer. Shouldn’t you tell them that before you storm the guy’s house? Anyway: Skinner was not the murderer… he was one of them. I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t think that almost the entire village was in on this.

Two downsides to this movie though: The final bad guy on the loose. Didn’t Angel remember that “Oh yeah. There is this one guy at the station. He watches the cameras”. Follow-up: Was the guy in the station this whole time and decided not to help his buddies? Follow-up: Why did Sam not die? He clearly should have died. I mean I didn’t want him to die but he couldn’t have survived first being shot in the chest with a shotgun, survive a fucking naval mine explosion and then he survided presumably being driven to the hospital. How? Oh and one more tiny thing: IF THERE IS A BOMB IN THE NEXT ROOM, WHICH IS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO COLLAPSE A MULTISTORE BUILDING (which it does), HOW DOES ANYBODY SURVIVE THAT???

One small thing: Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene where Angel kicks and old woman in the nose. Now the bitch saw  it coming: He was shooting Angel with a shotgun but he looked so sad afterwards that I felt bad for her. Maybe you shouldn’t have done that.

The action scenes were fantastic. I can’t really say much of them. The only thing  I want to say is this: Where did the horse come from? Othewise the scenes were fantastic.

But this was a great movie. The plot, the cast, the directing, the writing, a few stupid references and many good jokes earn this movie a solid 9/10.

PS: The swan was amazing. and I shit you not: They say “Make Sanford great again” in this movie.