In Finland, the first twelve TV channels you have are:
Yle TV1
Yle TV2
Yle Fem & Teema

The Yle channels are government-owned TV channels. As far as I can tell, all of these channels are in the same channel slots across providers.  Yle TV1 is in the first slot, Yle TV2 is in the second slot and so on and so on.

There are some slang terms for these channels. For example MTV3 is sometimes called Maikkari or just Kolmonen. Kolmonen translates to “three” but it is meant as “third” as in ” Turn the channel to the third one”. Nelonen translated to “four” or “fourth. Since Finland is a bilingual country and since Yle is goverment-owned, they decided to make a TV channel for the Swedish-speaking population of Finland called Yle Fem. Fem is Swedish and translates to “five” or “fifth”. It used to occupy the fith slot. Teema is “theme”. It used to occupy the seventh slot. Teema used to be it’s own channel but earlier this year it and Fem united to form Yle Fem & Teema. It occupies the former slot of Yle Fem.

The great thing about finnish television is the fact that you don’t even have to say the name of the channel (if it is one of the main ones) since they all occupy the same place regardless of the provider. The largest providers all put the channels in the same slots so it is very easy to just tell your friend to turn to channel three or four or five etc.

The two problems I have with these names are TV5 and Kutonen. TV5 has the number five it it but it is in the seventh slot and Kutonen translates to “six” or “sixth” but it is in the tenth slot.

(Side note: Kutonen occupies the eleventh slot if you have DNA Welho. The bigger the channel number, the more likely it is to be different from provider to provider but mostly these first twelve atleast are in the same spots regardless of the provider)

I just wanted to share this with you. I was on the Wikipedia page for Fox News and noticed that depending on the provider, the channel can be in the channel slot of 360, 507, 604, 77, 702, 411, 14, 112, 211 or many more. Go read them up on their Wikipedia page.

Now I understand. I understand. USA is a big country of over 300 million people and you have hundreds of different TV channel. This is just an interesting observation I made. Thanks for reading!