I went to the cinema four hours ago expecting a new shiny turd like The Force Awakens but I was delighted to see that writer and director Rian Johnson actually added something new to the franchise.

Last things first: I really enjoyed the… what is it called… the thing where Luke transported his “ghost” to fight Kylo Ren. I don’t understand how could Kylo not hit him but he could hit his lightsaber. Can I just get lazy and answer “The Force”?

They DID NOT fuck up Leia or Luke. I really enjoyed that. Sure, Lei was in Force Awakens but still. I am very glad that Luke was pretty well reserved. Maybe he was a little bit of a douchebag with the scene with the leaf and the Force. You know the one.

That leaf scene brings me to my next point: There was A LOT of comedy here and it was pretty well done. That bird that came along with Chewbacca got a little annoying towards the end but nothing too annoying.

The action was there. The acting was there (for like 99% of the time. Everybody makes small mistakes). The plot twists were there (Finn and Rey are not gonna be a couple? Snoke dies? RIP Luke? ;( Great plot twists). Everything was there… mostly. Which brings me to my next point:

TWO DOWNSIDES: They used the same music like seven maybe even ten times in the film. I belive it was the twin sunset one from A New Hope. Why? Who thought that this was a good idea? You think I wouldn’t notice? WELL I DID!… like after the fifth time or so… BUT I STILL NOTICED!

The other thing is the ending. It was great but why couldn’t we end it with the crew? Why did we need to have that one extra scene with the useless kid? I don’t give a fuck about him. His one use was as a plot device for like five minutes. Plus zooming in on his face on the LAST SCENE OF THE MOVIE was pretty wonky. It looked like shit. Children can’t be the last thing you see of (potentially) the biggest movie of the year. Unless it somehow matters. I mean I get it: The Rebellion Resistance is here and they are going to kick ass in the new movie. The fight is not over.

I really liked this movie. If episode IX is fantastic then I can consider the trilogy saved. I mean come on. Force Awakens was pretty bad. Not Phantom Menace but I have seen Phantom Menace like five times and Force Awakens only twice so… that should tell you something about their rewatchability.

I think this movie was great. I mean we got C-3PO, we got R2-D2, we got Luke, Leia, Chewbacca. We have the entire original cast!… well almost. RIP Han… and the actor of R2-D2. Nobody may know your name, Kenny Baker but I will not forget about you!

Let’s face it: Star Wars is changing but not too fast. It needs to appeal to modern audiences. It needs to make a billion euros every year. I highly respect the fact that Rian Johnson, J.J Abrahams and Kathleen Kennedy are not shitting on the old movies while still creating something new *cough cough* Midiclorians *cough cough*

This movie deserves a 10/10. That may be too high of a rating from me but let’s face it: There are very few 10/10 movies. It is as rare as finding a prostitute giving YOU money to have sex with her… okay maybe not THAT rare but you get the idea. I think 10/10 movies are movies which you should see and that are masterpieces. The Monalisa may not be the greatest piece of art ever made and it may be unappealing to someone’s eyes but it is still a masterpiece that  I belive everybody should see. Is The Last Jedi for everybody? No and yes. It works as an action movie but it also as a thrilling conclusion to Luke Skywalker, the Jedi which we have all looked up upon to be the hero we need. The original cast is getting very old and they need to replace them with younger actors. They are succeeding in that task. I just hope that they send off Princess Leia, C-3PO and R2-D2 the same way: Respect their characters but make them kick ass.