I don’t know why I choose to review movies right out of the gate but I have made a terrible mistake: I for some reason chose to give The Last Jedi a 10/10.

From my previous review I forgot about that butthole-eyed woman. Goolge tells me her name is… Maz Kanata. That entire hologram scene was shit. I had totally forgotten about that. I don’t understand why do you have to use those cliches in a Star Wars movie.

Plus that entire Las Vegas thing? Such garbage. Now I understand what people meant when they said that this movie had a liberal bias. Freeing some shitty CGI space horses does not dingle my balls. Fuck that scene. Fuck the entire Las Vegas subplot. WHY DID I FORGET THIS WHEN WRITING MY REVIEW?… nostalgia and the ending I guess.

I still stand by the ending. The ending was great.

Luke throwing away the lightsaber? Eeeeeeeh
Those little bird thingies? WHY? Why did you put these in the-… Oh shit you can buy one of these for just 59.99€? THANKS DISNEY! (Fuck off).

Force Awakens sucked.
Rogue One was below-average to average.
Last Jedi was… bad. Just bad.

I change my review to a 5/10. Why?
– Pink haired lady controlling an army?
– Maz Kanata’S unnecessary and shitty scene
– That asian from the opening scene’s acting
– Animal rights (are in the movie for some reason?)
– The borgs (The shitty birds)
+ The ending was coll I guess
+ The whole Rey’s… black hole force experience was neat

Just a by the way: Remember when somebody (I can’t remember who it was. Was it RedLetterMedia? I don’t think so. Somebody famous.) complained that Force Awakens had so many women, blacks and latinos and not really introduced new and interesting white people? They also claimed that this was due to Disney wanting these films to be as diverse as possible. In this movie however, I don’t think I saw any black people outside Finn or really a lot of diversity outside Rose and his sister at the start of the movie. Were there? I can’t remember at least. At least no speaking roles.

5/10. I don’t want to see this again.  I would rather see That’s My Boy. Atleast that didn’t make me lose my faith in the franchise. In this case Star Wars and in Sandler’s case Adam Sandler movies. We all know what to expect by now from him, right?