Can you change your sexual preference? I know that this sounds like a weird question but bear with me on this:

We are not born straight, gay, bisexual or transsexual. Those things come with puberty. Right? Things and ideas can be planted in us. Things like religion, political ideology, racism, sexism and violence for example. These are things which mostly come from how we are raised. If you are raised in an abusive home, you are more likely to become abusive in your live. If you are raised to hate muslims, then chances are that you will grow up hating muslims.

So my question is: Can you be raised to be straight/gay and can you change your own sexual orientation? On one hand you could say that if you like a certain sex more than the other then you can’t really change it and if you find out that you are gay then you are just discovering your true self. So basically, you have just now figured out that you are gay. That is the key to this argument:

People come out of the closet. If you are gay but you live your whole live in the closet and never tell anybody, even yourself, that you are gay, then are you really gay? If you never come out and you never think about being gay but you unknowningly like the same sex more, does it count as you being gay?

I think that being straight is a lot like liking something. Liking a kid’s show when you are a child and when you grow, you stop liking it. You can spend years liking a kid’s show, for example the first ten years of your live, and the just stop liking it. For example Bill Cosby. People liked him. He was funny and charming and… he turned out to be a rapist. After that people didn’t like him anymore. Most people started hating him, justifiably.

I think being straight and being gay are like that. You might stop liking women at some point in your life and that it is totally okay. You remember back in kindergarten when the people of opposite sex were “disgusting” and “gross”? I doubt that you think like that today. You propably used to find the other sex disgusting, then puberty arrived and now you like them. If you are straight, I mean.

You might like a gender now and dislike the other gender, sexually. Maybe that will change? I mean sex is still sex. You can get sexual thrills by having sex with a horse. At the end of the day, it is about who you feel the most comfortable with and who you feel is the right person for you.

What if we are all secretly bisexual? What if we all like the same gender we are and we just don’t know it yet?

I don’t know. These are the kind of things I just think of when I am bored. I hope I made you think and I hope if you don’t agree with me, that at least you understand my points and maybe you want to give me some constructive criticism? I mean, we can never get better as humans in life if nobody ever challenges us, right?