My Youtube videos range from random shitposting to funny highlights from my streams. I need more consistency. So here’s what I have in mind:

I am not going to change myself to get more views. I will just let more of myself out. See how that goes. If that goes terribly south (It won’t) then I will tone myself down.

Since I moved to premiere, December 2015, I have not put any ads on my videos. The ads which have been put on my videos after that are there because of copyright strikes. I will continue not putting ads on my videos. I don’t like seeing ads so why would I show them to you when I myself don’t want to be shown them?

So what does any of this mean? Well I will start being more of myself. I will still keep making videos which I would watch myself. NO ADS! I also have this idea:

I was thinking about playing a furry communist. It works with my friends. With new people I meet, I just stick to communism, being a furry scares them away. Why do I do this? It helps break the ice. It helps people relax. It creates a good mood. It is funny. I am going to transfer this persona or should I say fursona to my Youtube channel. Not only does it work, it is also original. I can’t name a single furry communist, can you?… Okay maybe Starlight Glimmer but she doesn’t count!

I was also thinking about referencing the Great Patriotic War (Eastern front of World War 2) and using term like the means of production (factories), bourgeoisie (the rich who own the means of production) and proletariat (the workers who do the work using said means of production).

See you later, comrade!